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Top Secluded Retreats Around the Globe

Discover the ultimate secluded retreats, where luxury and privacy blend in the most stunning settings around the world, offering an escape from the ordinary.

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Showcasing Secluded Retreats

  1. The Brando, French Polynesia - Explore this exclusive eco-friendly resort on a private island, combining natural beauty with luxury.

  2. Amanjiwo, Indonesia - Overlooking the mystical Borobudur Temple, this resort offers a peaceful cultural experience amidst Java's rural heartland.

  3. North Island, Seychelles - Enjoy the luxury of a private paradise with lush landscapes and exclusive villas.

  4. Amangiri, Utah, USA - Experience the solitude of the desert in a resort that blends seamlessly into the dramatic American Southwest.

  5. Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland, Canada - Stay in an architecturally striking lodge that connects deeply with the local culture and dramatic North Atlantic scenery.

  6. Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, Australia - Perched atop a secluded cliff, this lodge offers stunning ocean views and a connection to the rugged wilderness.

  7. Aman Venice, Italy - Relish the historical opulence of a palatial home on Venice's Grand Canal, offering a quiet, luxurious escape in a bustling city.

  8. Amanpulo, Philippines - Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of a private island with sandy beaches and clear blue waters, perfect for a tranquil retreat.

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Why Choose Secluded Retreats Secluded retreats provide privacy, personalized service, and unique experiences that go beyond typical tourist paths, offering a true escape into comfort and exclusivity.

These retreats are more than just luxurious accommodations; they are sanctuaries where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul in complete privacy.

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Let Friends in High Places guide you to these hidden gems of luxury and tranquility.

Contact us today to plan your escape to one of the world’s most secluded retreats. Visit: for more information or follow us on IG: @fihpofficial

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